The RSS feeder plugin
My first WolfCMS plugin is out!

Does anyone need a RSS feeder plugin for the WolfCMS? Actually no, I think, as the documentation and many related site provide detailed instructions on how to get the job done.
But anyway, here is the plugin. It serves me as a training plugin for wolfcms frontend dispatch APIs: I have planned and done in alpha test many plugins for the frontend, and you can see them in action on this site, like the Photoblog plugin, the Gallery plugin and, obviously, the RSS feeder plugin. Actually the first two plugin were developed for FrogCMS and does not use dispatch mechanics: so the plan is to port them.

Currently a beta release

This is a beta version: the code is (heavily?) bound to my site structure, and I can't guarantee it will work at your site.
I'll try to keep in touch with WolfCMS forum for any question. You could also leave a comment on this page: I'll do my best to reply by email.


Download (22KB)
0.5.0 beta



Once downloaded the ZIP file:

  1. Unzip in the Wolf /wolf/plugins directory.
  2. Activate 'SeZaMo RSS Feeder' plugin through the administration screen.
  3. Configure the plugin through settings page, the minimum mandatory parameters to set are: Title, Relative URL and Root pages to grab children from.
    See online documentation for details.

Have fun!

2 commenti

  1. Hi Serge,
    sorry but the plugin cannot aggregate RSS Feeds from other sites.
    This could be a future evolution, but not in the immediate as I'm quite busy.
    Thanks for your visit.

  2. Hi.
    Can I use your plugin to output the RSS feed from the external website?
    Here goes the situation:
    1. The site is a WordPress blog
    2. the site is a Wolf CMS based.
    3. I need to output the abc,com (WP) blogroll on the homepage.
    Thank you.